Configure insert options using Sitecore rules

In most Sitecore projects, the developer is required to set insert options to Sitecore item/content/page which will be used by Sitecore content users.

In most cases developers have set insert options within the Sitecore template standard item (__Standard values). Nothing is wrong with doing that, but sometimes adding extra page can be a time consuming process, especially when the developer creates a new page and is required to add in a couple of pages. Not only that, but  maintenance is another issue when there are a high number of templates.

I think using Sitecore Insert Options Rules for insert options is more robust and easy to maintain. Not only that; using rule engine saves developers’ significant productive hours. This is also very easy to implement and only takes a few minutes. Let me show you how you can do that

Step 1. Goto /sitecore/system/Settings/Rules/Insert Options/Rules
Step 2. Right click and insert rule “My Test” using template “Insert Options Rule”
Step 3. Set Rules as needed


The following are major benefits of using rules instead of __Standard Values

  • Allow to add or revoke to add sitecore items
    • after specific day/ date/ week/ month
    • when specific field has specific value
    • specific field is empty
    • where the item is hidden, locked, locked by specific user or item is protected
    • where item has specific hierarchy
    • where parent has specific name or template
    • where item has specific security
    • where item has specific language
    • where analytics has been enabled
    • where the item is in specific workflow
    • where the item is in specific workflow state
    • and many more……

Hope that helps.


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